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Lotus Holistic Institute

Mission Statement

The Lotus Holistic Institute is a national organisation providing holistic therapy in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). Its mission is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the philosophy, knowledge, science and practice of holistic and alternative therapy for the benefit of humanity. This is achieved by promoting human health and wellbeing and the advancement of a holistic approach to therapy as well as boosting education and educational principles to clients and the public.
Evidence-based healthcare is fostered throughout the practice. The operational strategy of the institute is to sustain the high quality of the service and to gain the trust of the public.


In order to achieve the mission statement, the Lotus Holistic Institute has the following objectives :

  • To maintain a high level of operational management in order to achieve excellence in service provided.
  • To provide high quality holistic therapy to the public through non-invasive complementary medicine and therapies.
  • To provide education opportunities to staff to maintain up to date and scientific practice based on evidence and to the public to raise the level of health and wellbeing awareness.
  • To foster and utilise research needs and evidence based practice which will enhance service delivery, educational principles, and patient care public benefits.
  • To sustain a superior level of services for the benefits of staff, complementary medicine and the public. This will in turn benefit the United Arab Emirates.

LOTUS Objectives, 4 T’s

  • Therapy Provision
  • Teaching and Education
  • Transfer, Research and Evidence
  • Trust Worthiness


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