Homeopathy & Autism Conference, Abu Dhabi – April 02, 2017


Conference Agenda


Objectives of the Conference
Upon completion of conference, delegates and participants will be able to-

  • Visualize autism in a multidimensional areas of biological, Psychological, Behavioral and social aspects
  • Describe different approaches to defining, observing, and documenting autistic behavior in UAE children
  • Define new holistic Homeopathic healing intervention in treatment of this disorder
  • Create awareness about diagnosing autism in early childhood
  • Discuss Preventive aspects of autism in UAE
  • Explain how clinically significant cases varies in different approaches for clinical intervention

Aims of the Conference

One of the most common permanent, pervasive developmental disability affecting at least one child in every second elementary school classroom. Autism is a collection of symptoms relating to impaired social ability, communication skills, behaviors and sensory or motor functions. These impairments may consist of delay in language or losing speech, repetition of words and words and phrases or movements like hand flipping, missing social cues and avoiding eye contact, preferring inanimate objects to people, difficulty integrating sensations like pain, light, sound, crowds, touch, repetitive behaviors and ritualized activities, rigid behavior and difficulty in coping with change, fixations or obsessions, and awkwardness or delayed development of fine and gross skills.

Because of these impairments, people with ASD often find the demands of life overwhelming and experience frustration, anxiety and confusion. The etiology is still idiopathic, but lots of studies support genetic factor, prenatal physical and mental conditions. The diagnosis is made on the basis of above symptoms. Researchers have proved combining conventional management like speech therapy, occupational therapy; nutritional support and behavioral management, along with homeopathy can provide best results in kids. The younger the child, more and rapid response can be expected.

Homeopathy is safe and non toxic holistic approach in the management of autism. A homeopath evaluates physical and mental constitution of the patient, past medical history of the child and parents, gestational history, vaccination history, exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and toxins. This in depth evaluation leads to correct selection of homeopathic medication.

Autism not only affects the child, but every aspect of family life and every family member. Due to increased latent vulnerability within the family homeopathy recommend the participation of siblings and parents in the treatment. The prognosis reported during homeopathic treatment is unbelievable. The improvements seen regularly are less rigidity, fewer meltdowns, accelerated learning, better relations with family and peers, acquisition of toileting skills, improved sleep, less anxiety, broader food choices and much relief for family members.

Accredited 6 Hours BY HAAD CME/CPD SECTION.

Join us for the exciting event in conjunction of the Autism Day.

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conference, please contact:

Dr. Mohamed Fahmy,

Conference Organizing Committee



+971 507787907


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