The 3rd International Conference on Quality and Evidence Based in Prophetic Medicine

Conference Agenda


Aims of the Conference

  • 1. To improve the quality of life of patients in holistic approach.
  • 2. Present all researches with evidence-based medicine to support and minimize the complication in chronic diseases.
  • 3. Natural products research which can improve the quality of life of patients.
  • 4. Bridging with knowledge and experience among expertise to improve the healthcare.
  • 5. Scientific collaboration in research with multi-centres.
  • 6. Educational and research activities are important to improve the healthcare.
  • 7. In the conference will have posters session to present all the researches.
  • 8. All the speakers will provide the evidence-based research which has been approved by faculties or university also published in ISI medical journals.
  • 9.This conference enriched the knowledge of research to improve healthcare.
  • 10. Encourage the students to participate in research and award the best research.
  • 11. Increase the awareness of the important of wet cupping clinic (Hijama) and research in Medical centers.
  • 12.Public education in nutrition, prevention of chronic diseases & guidelines to benefit from Integrative Medicine approach.


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