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Foot Diagnostic

Foot Diagnosis is defined as a science of analyzing the forces and pressure on foot. Foot analyses are very important analyses for assessing the individuals load on plantar aspect of foot. For example if a person has flat foot his weight distribution becomes uneven on foot. This would in-turn alter the individual’s foot biomechanics and would also predispose the individual to conditions like plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur, etc….

Lotus Holistic Center

uses a baro-podometric platform to show the distributed body weight of pressure on the individual’s feet. This is done in two positions static and dynamic (Static – by standing for 5 seconds on the platform, Dynamic – by walking on the platform). Following static and dynamic analyses a Podo-scan is used for digital analysis of foot prints and foot loads. Through the analysis with our software free Step and through the captured and stored images, foot diagnostic specialist determines the diagnosis and provides information on the prevention, treatment and insoles for orthotics in each case. Insoles are selected individually by a computer program.


Foot Diagnosis is recommended for:

  • Professionals who spend most of their working hours standing – example. Hairdressers, Chefs, Surgeons, machine operators.
  • Children and sportsmen
  • Children, if there is suspicion of flat feet or lower leg and ankle strain.
  • Reduced sensitivity in feet.
  • Pain of unknown origin in the feet, legs and back.
  • Burning sensation in the feet, as well as foot and leg fatigue after a small load.
  • Various foot deformities (Hammer toes, flat foot, pes-cavus), as well as abrasions, blisters, thickening of the skin, calluses or corns on the foot.
  • After orthopedic surgeries- example. Knee and hip replacement surgeries.
  • People with problems of excess weight.
  • Women who wear high heels on a regular basis.
  • Pregnant women.

If the deformation of the foot was observed in the family over several generations, Foot Diagnostic is strongly recommended to children from 2 years; while foot is in its formative stages.

Dr. Foot Insoles

Is an elastic orthopedic insole inserted into everyday shoes for longitudinal and lateral support. Dr. Foot Insoles also hold the required arch height. They are suitable for all kinds of shoes. These soles are prescribed in concurrence to foot analyses report.

The Elastic insoles evenly distribute the load on the entire foot, as well as act as a shock absorber. They stop the further deformity of the foot. Children and adolescents with regular use of insole, and appropriate exercises may completely get rid of the problems with the foot!

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