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What is Homeopathy?

According to World Health Organization, Homoeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world. Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. It’s originated from Germany, as per the primary principle of Homoeopathy, the ‘Law of Similar’ or the ‘natural law of healing’; diseases are treated by medicines, which are capable of producing symptoms similar to those of the disease in healthy persons.

Key concepts of homoeopathy

1) Homoeopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness, and improve immunity.

2) Treatment involves giving very small doses of substances called remedies.

3) Treatment in homoeopathy is individualized that is Particular to
each person. Homoeopathic practitioners select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including symptoms, lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and other factors by using holistic approach.

The word homeopathy derives from two Greek words ‘Homeo’ meaning ‘similar’ and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering. Homeopathic
remedies are generally dilutions of natural substances from plants,
minerals, and animals. Based on the principle of “like cures like”,
homeopathic remedies specifically match different symptom patterns
or “profiles” of illness, and act to stimulate the body’s natural healing

According to Dr. Hahnemann, “Each individual case of disease is most
surely, radically, rapidly, and permanently annihilated and removed
only by a medicine capable of producing (in the human system) the
most similar and complete manner of the totality of the symptoms.” In other words, the same substance that in large doses produces the
symptoms of an illness, in very minute doses cures it.Homeopathy is a safe and natural method to repel imbalance out of
the body and allow the body to heal.

How do Homeopathic remedies work?

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s ability to heal with very small amounts of natural substances. The wonder of homeopathic medicine is in its safety, the incredibly small amount of medicine needed yet enables the body to rebalance and the rapidity of healing. Homeopathy though works with the body’s natural defenses.

What are the advantages of Homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy is safe in being a non-invasive therapy and being non-toxic to the body. The safety of homeopathy, by offering no long term side effects, is well known.
    Homeopathy also boasts of being safe for pregnant women, infants and the elderly as compared with other therapies.
  • Through the process of dilution, remedies no longer contain whole molecules, rendering them non-allergenic and non-poisonous.

Rather than cure by suppression, homeopathy stimulates the body towards balance. Homeopathy uses natural substances, not synthetic or chemical.

  • Homeopathic Medicines are recognized and regulated by the FDA. Homeopathies have OTC status that is over-the-counter status.
  • Homeopathic medicines also enjoy popularity due to the fact that they can be used with other therapies and medications. Homeopathy can be used along with supplements and herbs. Homeopathy can be safely taken with heart, blood pressure, insulin, thyroid, and other medications.
  • Chronic diseases can be treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy is known best as a first aid remedy for quick help for sudden, acute, and seasonal illnesses.

Homeopathy also offers deeper healing for those with long term diseases and health problems.

  • Homeopathy usually use for preventive and prophylactic for many condition.
  • Homeopathy offers products for specific and general allergies. Remedies for women’s health concerns whether fertility, pregnancy, labor, menstrual, menopausal.
  • Remedies for infants, children, and teens- for physical and emotional disorders. Because homeopathy treats symptoms, it is not limited to the type or number of diseases it can treat. Nor is it limited to whether the problem is physical, mental, and emotional or a combination.
  • It address the problem from the root and establishes harmony in health and avoids frequent visits to Health care providers for different problems. Homeopathic remedies are sweet and every one especially kids love to eat. Homeopathy can be started depending on the current condition instead of waiting, thereby avoiding the deterioration of health and preventing further complications. Homeopathic remedies offer good health.
  • It is excellent for improving metabolism and controlling weight naturally.

It is Excellent for

  • Children for ADHD, Improving Immunity, Allergy, Autism
  • Women for menstrual disorder, reproductive complaints, Lactating, menopausal complaints.
  • Skin complaints like eczema, warts, pimples, allergies, rashes
  • Obesity ,It improves metabolism and reduce weight naturally
  • Hair fall, baldness, dandruff
  • Kidney stone, gall bladder stone
  • Sexual dysfunction, sleep disorder
  • Respiratory complaints like Allergies, Asthma, chronic cough
  • Addiction like tobacco, alcohol, drugs
  • Maintain diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Cholesterol
  • Psychological disorders, Phobias, Depression, manias
  • Memory weakness ,dementia,
  • Gastrointestinal disorders like acidity, indigestion, piles, fissures, fistula, gases, constipation
  • Muscle and joint complaints like Rheumatism, gout, backache, old traumas, increase height, improve bone density
  • Anemia, Vertigo ,Migraine,
  • Immunocompromised state
  • ENT complaints

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