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Dr.Muhammad Hidayathullah Sheriff
Unani Medicine Practitioner

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Introduction :

The Unani system of medicine originated from Greece. Greek philosophy was the basis for it. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) freed medicine from the clutches of superstitions and gave it the status of science. Galen (131-210 AD) stabilized its foundation, on which Arab and Persian physicians like Rhazes (850-925 AD), Avicenna (980-1037 AD) constructed and developed as system of medicine. The Greek and Roman literature was translated into Arabic and Persian language and reviewed during the time of renaissance; the Muslim rulers extended their patronage and propagated it all over the world wherever they went and they preferred to keep its identity as Unani medicine only. As this medical system was brought up under the umbrella of Islamic heritage; Western historians named it as Islamic medicine. Unani medicine is based on Hippocratic theory of four humours i.e

  • Khoon (blood)
  • Bulgham (phlegm)
  • Safra (bile)
  • Sauda (black bile).
    A proper balance of these four humors within
    a person‘s body ensures efficient metabolism, prevents the build
    -up of toxins, and maintains optimum health.

One of the most important functions of the humors is :

  • maintain the ideal qualitative states associated with the
    Mizaj (temperament) of an individual.
  • Humoral imbalance is often the root cause in the origin and development of a particular illness.

Unani medicine always gives more important to prevent the diseases rather than treating the diseases. Therefore it emphasizes the strict management of six essential factors such as :

1. Fresh Air

2. Food and Drink

3. Body Movement and Repose

4. Mental Movement and Repose

5. Sleep and Wakefulness

6. Retention and Evacuation.

Unani medicine believes that the restoration of equilibrium of various elements and faculties of the human body depends on these six ‘essential’ factors. They are called essential for the reason that if anyone who does not maintain these factors in a proper manner, his or her life will be at risk, sooner or later he will end up with a life threatening disease, and their adequate supply only will ensure healthy life. In Unani medicine various types of therapies are employed in order to prevent and treat the diseases.

The treatment approaches are:

  • Ilaj-bil-Tadbeer
    (Regimental therapy)
    – Regimental therapy includes venesection, Hijama (cupping), diaphoresis, diuresis, turkish bath, massage, cauterization, purging, emesis, exercise, and leeching.
  • Ilaj-bil-Ghiza

  • Ilaj-bil-Dawa
    (Herbal Pharmacotherapy)

  • Ilaj-bil-Yad ( Surgical intervention )
    (Not applicable in the UAE)

The Complete Unani treatment approaches :


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